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  • Material(s): high-strength polyester webbing, steel buckles
  • Certification(s): CE, EN 12277 type C, UIAA 105


References C029AA00
Color(s) black
Waist size: up to 120 cm
Leg loop: up to 75 cm
Weight 480 g


  • Simple harness with gear loops:
    – one single tie-in point for easy handling and quick visual checks
    – green color-coded tie-in point with identification markings
    – one flexible gear loop for transporting gear
  • Facilitates the routine of the instructor and operator:
    – one size fits a wide range of sizes, thanks to the adjustment options at the waistbelt (up to 120 cm) and leg loops (up to 75 cm)
    – donning made easy with the color contrasts on the waistbelt and leg loops (gray foam inside, black outside)
    – adjustment with DOUBLEBACK buckles for quick, fluid tightening
    – excellent grip on webbing ends for tightening waistbelt and leg loops
    – identification and special marking areas on outside of harness
    – individual identification is durable, to facilitate management of the equipment inventory
  • Excellent durability:
    – strong webbing remains fluid to adjust, for intensive use
    – great durability at the tie-in point, thanks to special flexible reinforcement and an integrated colored wear indicator
    – elasticated rear straps are adjustable and extremely durable
    – easy to clean


Simple adjustable harness with gear loop

Designed for group activities, PANDION is a harness with gear loop that is easy to don, adjust and use, facilitating the instructor’s routine. The identification and marking areas simplify management of the equipment inventory. The thick webbing offers great durability for intensive use, both indoors and outdoors.

Jual Petzl Pandion Harness

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