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Sepatu Safety Kings KWD 205 X Original – BY Honeywell

The NEW King’s Comfort Range Safety Shoes is desgined for superior comfort, durability and most important, safety. 

Footwear Features:

Sole Features

  • Puncture Resistant-Pierce-resistant steel midsole reduces the risk of sharp objects penetrating the sole and entering the foot
  • Anti-Static sole helps protect you from the dangers when in contact with live electrical circuits
  • Slip Resistant – Cleated design sole provides ultimate anti-slip feature that enhances grip for better stability. SRC tested on ceramic tiles with diluted soap solution (SRA) and smooth steel floor with glycerol (SRB)
  • Self-Cleaning Sole – Improved technical outsole optimised fluid evacuation and provides greater bending flexibility
  • Heat Resistant Up to 120˚C
  • Mineral Oils & Acids Resistant
  • Organic Oils & Fats Resistant

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Comfort Features

  • King’s signature wide profile safety toecap offers maximum comfort to your toes
  • Highly breathable 3-D lining reduces abrasion when in contact with skin, allowig your feet to remain insulated while drawing excess moisture from the foot
  • Enhanced footbed for greater comfort and heel support, with highly breathable perforated channels that dries up faster and promotes foot freshness
  • Ergonomic cushioning design to provide ultimare comfort that greatly reduces foot, leg and back fatigue when walking on hard surfaces.
  • Superior ligh weigh deisgn to provide you greater comfort for long hours of wear

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Toecap Feature

  • Offers protection against falling object or compression. Developed to withstand an impact of 200 joules

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Special Features

  • Wear-off indicator provides an early warning on sole wear and its potential loss of grip to gauge for a replacement

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EN ISO 20345

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